Trade / Business Address / Virtual Office services

The trade license needs to be registered at an address in Czech Republic.
This can be your residence address, an office address OR you can use a virtual office.

a virtual office has benefits over using the residence address:
  • You can register your Trade License before you have found a place to live
  • In case the landlord does not want you to give you permission to register a Trade License
  • There are so many landlords that you can't get all signatures (a real problem!)
  • The virtual office can be used as correspondence address, so if you move, your mail does not get lost
  • With a virtual office, we take care of the contract with the provider and the legal permission for registration

If you do want to use your residence address or any other address for registration of your Trade License, you will need to get the permission of the landlord(s) yourself. We DO provide for free a template in Czech & English - so if you are on good terms with him / her, you can save yourself some money.