EU Temporary Residence Permit

EU Temporary Residence Permit and rodné číslo for EU Citizens

Despite the fact that many EU Citizens live in Czech Republic without it, we recommend getting a Temporary Residence Permit and rodné číslo ("birth number"), because it is proof that you are resident and tax resident in Czech Republic which may be very useful if your home country tries to make you pay taxes there. Recently, during COVID, people that did not have a residence permit were  refused into the territory. Also, in case you want to register a car on your name (not your business) you wil need a rodné číslo.

The rodné číslo is used for registration at authorities, just as any Czech citizen who received the rodné číslo at birth.
Having the rodné číslo will make the life in Czech Republic easier - since you will not have a 'fantasy number' at each goverment body, but one unified number valid for all authorities.

This EU Temporary Residence Permit is only for an EU-citizen with a 'Schengen passport' or his/her married spouse, and can be applied for after arrival in Czech Republic - there is no need to apply before arriving in Czech Republic.

The landlord must give a written permission to register a Residence Permit on the address. Theoretically the rental contract is enough, but practically the rental contact may be refused, so it is better to use this template: Doklad o zajisteni ubytovani.pdf

No need for a work permit

EU Citizens and familymembers do not need to apply for a work permit - ever. It's EU law.

Applying for a Permanent Residence Permit

One must have a valid Temporary Residence Permit for a total of 5 years (2 years with marriage to CZ citizen) in order to apply for the Permanent Residence Permit, not sooner. To be honest, for EU-Citizens there is very little benefit in getting a Permanent Residence Permit.

One needs to jump through all kinds of bureaucratic hoops, and contrary to the Temporary Residence Permit it needs to be renewed every 5 years.

OK, You will be able to vote and get a job in state organisations - something very few would desire.

Public Health Care

An EU Temporary Residence Permit does *not* give access to Public Health Care. One *must* have a gainful activity in the form of employment (at a company registered as employer in Czech Republic) or self-employment (the Trade License). A non-EU partner (defined as spouse or 'registered partner') will enjoy all rights of an EU-citizen - except for one thing: Public Health Care. Even with a Temporary Residence Permit, the non-EU person does not automatically have rights to enroll into Public Health Care.

Having said this, under certain conditions non-EU spouses and children can be put under the Public Health Care of the EU-spouse. Since the regulations are quite complex, we recommend talking to our consultant about the specifics.

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