Many Questions? Book a Business Consultation for Foreigners!

Many foreigners are surfing the net looking for answers concerning business and living in Czech Republic, and in the blog on this website you can find a lot of information about doing business, accounting, taxes and visas in Czech Republic, but of course this is general information.

Since 2008, I have had consultations with 1000s of starting entrepreneur . We'll look at your plans - and based on that decide what is the best. It's not my aim to sell you the most expensive option - my aim is to get you set up in the best / most economical way for you, because happy customer = returning customer.

In one hour you will get more information than browsing a  week on the Internet! 

Costs for an Consultation are 3000 CZK / 125 EUR per hour.

I even offer a no-good, money back 'warranty', plus you will get a 2000 CZK discount on the Trade License registration package if ordered within 3 months.

You have only a few questions?

I have a solution for that! 30 minutes talk-only. See here: A Few Quick Questions

A 60-minute consultation is for questions such as:

  • Common-sense Advice on Business Plan / Business Idea,
  • How to start a Business in Czech Republic,
  • Starting a Trade License vs Forming an SRO,
  • Residence Permits / Business Visas - Applications & Extensions,
  • Tax Residency vs Residency
  • Foreign sources of income / Where to pay Tax,
  • Invoicing abroad / in EU - How to handle VAT,
  • Owner / Shareholder in foreign Company / LLC,
  • Hiring (foreign) employees or external workers, different forms of contracts,
  • how to set up and use the Datova Schranka
  • Income Tax Optimization.

A consultation will *NOT* answer questions such as:

  • Teach me how to Fill In / Register for ...
Filing Tax Returns and Registering at Authorities have many steps and I can not take responsibility if you do this yourself.

Tax optimization / Financial Planning

During the Business Consultation we can use a Tax optimization / Financial Planning model to simulate different income scenarios.

It can calculate
  • ONE Trade License using pausalni dan, real expenses or 60/40 method,
  • TWO Trade Licenses for partners using pausalni dan, real expenses or 60/40 method,
  • one or two Trade License(s) versus an SRO,
  • one or two Trade License(s) in combination with an SRO,
  • Trade License versus SRO versus Offshore Business (LLCs, LTDs),
  • with various Revenues / Expenses in CZK / EUR / USD
  • with other sources of (foreign) Income Revenues
  • for all expats in Czech Republic, for all residence permit / visa types.
EXAMPLES OF CALCULATIONS for Self-Employment / Trade License you can find here: Income Tax, Social Charges and Health Insurance for a Czech Trade License. Of course, during the meeting we will go in more detail - this is just to show you that you will get plenty of information (surely more than you expect to get). You will get your own set of pdfs with results matching your expenses / revenue.


I offer Online Consultations by ZOOM / Google Meet or Whatsapp / Phone in English, German, Dutch and Czech.

Online Consultations work best with ZOOM, because I can screenshare the tax calculation / optimization model, send files in the chat and interactively respond to your input and questions. Results you get immediately as pdfs.

We can do voice-only, if you don't like webcams.

Consultations by Email I stopped offering. My experience is that Online meetings are much more effective. You'll get a lot more information, and I can actively anticipate when I have the feeling something needs more explanation.

Try before you Buy before deciding on services from our or a competing company. It's a small investment from your side, but you will have certainty that we know what we're talking about.

nl flag Consultatie in het Nederlands. Soms is het prettig om een gesprek in Nederlands te hebben - dat kan! Ik ben Nederlander!

Rescheduling / Cancelling is possible with the links in the booking confirmation email. It is free of charge if at least 4 hours before meeting starts. Cancelled / No-show within 4 hours of meeting start: no refund.

Looking forward to be talking to you!

ing. Roald A van de Munt,
Owner / Senior Consultant