Czech SRO Registration Steps

Step 1: Consultation before Registration

We start with a 1-hour consultation, because from experience with registering 100s of businesses, we know that new clients usually have very many questions, such as: what is the right business type, visa / residence permit questions, what about social / health insurance, should I take out salary from my SRO? Who can be director or shareholder? What about income from abroad? VAT?

During this hour we also explain the requirements and different options of the SRO company registration package.

You will get more information than a week surfing the Internet!

(and on top of that we offer a: not happy with the consultation, we'll refund the money guarantee)

Step 2: Formation Document - Notarsky Zapis

In this step we determine who will be director or shareholder, the company name, the business addres for the SRO, the height of the share capital and the business activities.

If a non-standard amount of Share Capital has been chosen, it will be necessary for the (future) director to open a Bank Account at a Czech bank. We can assist, but we can not do it for you - because the bank wants to do a document verification of the director himself.

Step 3: Police Clearance and Powers Of Attorney

After we have received the Required Documents from you, the application for the company formation can be filed at Commercial Court.

Step 4: Selecting Trade License types and Registering the Trade License

After the Court confirms that the copany has been formed, we'll add the trade licenses at the Trade License Register

After 5 working days we will pick up the trade license, the so-called "výpis ze živnostenského rejstříku".

Step 5: Registration at Tax Office

The company has been formed, trade licenses in place - now it still needs to be registered for Corporate Income Tax and VAT (if applicable).

After this final step, the SRO will be fully registered and fully prepared to do business in Czech Republic.

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