Datová Schránka - What is it, when will it come? in 2023?

datove schranky The Datová Schránka is not really something new. It exists since 2009. The idea is that all Czech authorities (Tax Office, Social Office, Health Care, Population Register and a host of other services) will no longer communicate by post, but instead by an electronic system (but not by email).

Why would I want one?

The paper letters obviously have a disadvantage: it is possible they never reach you. Most common reasons are: your name is not on the letter box, you moved within Czech Republic and did not inform the foreign police / authorities properly, or you even moved abroad and have no longer access to the Czech mail address.

Also, if an accountant wants to process your Income Tax Return for your Trade License, it is handy to know how much Social and Health was paid during the year. Before GDPR we would simply call thos offices, but now this information is not provided anymore and as such we need the overviews sent by the Social Security and Public Health Care.

The Datová Schránka in theory solves these problems - but not all is well. If not set up properly, access will be blocked after 90 days and messages disappear automatically without a trace (!). More information about that later.

Who must have a Datová Schránka?

Since 2009, SROs automatically get a Datová Schránka assigned at formation.

Starting 2023 also for Trade Licenses and other independent professions the Datová Schránka is an obligation and it will be assigned automatically, as with sros. Now, almost a year later, the experience is dat there is no rule of telling when and if a DS has been assigned (many people never get the confirmation) so the way to find out is: somebody with a DS will search your DS using your name OR asking at the Czechpoint.

Of course it is possible to voluntarily register a Datová Schránka - in that case be careful you register the right one. As a private person you can have 2: one for you as physical person (fyzická osoba), and the second for you as your trade license business (podnikající fyzická osoba). This is a needless complication, but there is nothing you can do about it.

More information (in Czech) here: Zřízení datové schránky na žádost

Setting up a Datová Schránka properly

In order to get a Datová Schránka you must apply for one. There are several methods:

  • online with a 'Identitu občana' or 'bankovní identita',
  • personally at Czech POINT, where an ID check will be made,
  • By mailing to the Ministry of Interior a form with a notarized signature.
There are a number things you are strongly advised to do once you have a Datová Schránka:

  • Once you get a registration letter, you have only 30 days to activate.
  • The password keeps expiring every 90 days. This can be changed in the DS settings.
  • Unless you activate notification by sms or email, you will not know when / if something gets to your data box. This can be changed in settings. By email costs nothing, by sms is 3CZK per notification.
  • It is possible to set up a second user to your databox - your accountant, for example. Handy, if you lose your access, at least somebody else will still have it.
  • Messages will be flushed after 90 days. To prevent this, you have to order a Datový trezor ('Data safe'). It is a paid service, depending on  the message capacity it will cost 200-1000 CZK / year. Probably the smallest capacity is enough.
If you think the above is all to complicated - outsource it to us!