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We use cookies on our website(s) in order to operate Google Adwords, Google Analytics and other third-party plug-ins to analyze the visits to our website with the aim to measure which pages are visited most so we can improve our pages / services. We do not have a website without cookies.

Data & Confidentiality & Consent & GDPR:

Data sent to us in any form is personal and confidential and will be treated as such. We do not forward / share your contact info / data to third parties.

By interacting with us in any shape or form, the (potential) client gives us consent for using his/her personal and/or business data for the purpose of Consultancy, Accounting, Tax processing, Newsletters.

GDPR Addition: if you do not wish to be on the mailing list and/or do not give us consent to use your data as has been common for decades in the Accounting / Consultancy business, we're very sorry - we can not take you as a client, because it makes our work impossible.

Document Retention Policy

At all times, the client has to take care of proper document archiving. This is his/her responsibility. TL may keep electronic copies in cloud-based solutions (Google Drive and alike) and paper copies in it's premises for accounting purposes. However, by doing so, the liability does not transfer to TL and stays with the client.

After the cooperation with TL ends, it is the client's responsibility to collect the books / data within 1 month of ending the cooperation / filing of the last tax return. After this 1 month, TL will archive for a maximum of 12 months whatever documents are available at a rate of 200 CZK/month per document binder / 1 Gb data unless it receives explicit instructions indicated on the handover protocol / in writing / by email by the client that data is to be discarded immediately. After those 12 months, TL has the right to discard data on it's servers / cloud solutions / (paper) archive without prior notice to the client. The archiving fee does not apply to documents / data required for regular monthly / quarterly accounting services of the running year, however the client will be asked to pick up documents / save data of the previous years.

Accounting output (such as tax returns, (de)registration forms, Accounting Software internal database file) shall be handed over / made available to the customer after all outstanding bills, including the fees for archiving, have been paid in full and the hand-over protocol has been signed.

Marketing Consent

We would like to send you occasinally a newsletter on taxes, legislation, our services. We're not going to spam your inbox weekly with commercial offers, when we send out a newsletter we really feel it is of such an importance that clients should know. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link in the newsletter.

Updated 15/01/2023