Order the Annual Personal Income Tax Return

Tradelicense.cz offers accounting services, claims tax deductions and files Income Tax Returns for foreigners working on a Trade License (žívnostenský list), employees and other private individuals in Czech Republic.

What is the fee for Preparing and Filing a Tax Return?

The Order form will display the fee according to the type(s) of income you select on that form. Easy case = lower fee.

It is possible to do everything remotely. You can send in your documents by mail / email / Google Drive share,

How to file a Personal Income Tax Return

Part 1 : The Online Part

  • 1 - Order & Pay the Tax Return with the form on this page,
  • 2 - Fill in the Online Questionnaire about your income situation,
  • 4 - Book a free 30-minute online Document Intake meeting to talk about your situation*, documents, taxes
  • 3 - Generate the Powers of Attorneys for representing you at the authorities,

* Note: Let us know if your Business Visa needs to be extended; we check if with your income you can get a Visa Extension. We know how to prepare papers for the Foreign Police.

Part 2: We prepare & file your Income Tax Return

  • Including in the basic fee is 4 hours of admin / accounting work, processing all your invoices / expenses, YouTube / Affiliate Revenue, steams of income, foreign business / LLC profits, (foreign) employment / pension payouts, each added paragraph of the tax return = 1 hour more,
  • depending on your Revenue / Expenses, we determine the best method to file your Trade License income,
  • We know what to do with Foreign Sources of Income, DTAs, Investments, AirBnb, Crypto, Rental Income,
  • we calculate Tax Benefits,
  • we ask more questions if necessary - better ask twice than not at all,
  • if we detect issues (missing registrations, VAT Filing) we will inform you and suggest fixes,
  • we file the Tax Return at the Tax Office for you,
  • we file the overviews for the Social Office and Health Insurance for you,

  • Part 3: Finishing up the previous tax year, preparing for the new tax year.

    • You will get a paper copy / pdf of the Tax Return, Social & Health overviews,
    • You will get a written Explanation of the Tax Return,
    • You will get Payment Instructions for last year's Income Tax / Social / Health charges, when and to which accounts,
    • You will get Payment Instructions for the current year's Tax prepayments, Social Charges and Health Care Contributions,
    • Optional: a (paid) Business Consultation about your business, changes to legislation / Taxes / VAT, future in CZ

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