You may be used to calling it self-employment, independent worker, sole proprietor, one-man business, freelancer, external contractor, sole trader, private or individual entrepreneur, remote worker, remote employee or LLC, but in Czech Republic this is known as Živnostenský List (Živno for short) or a Trade License, which makes you an Osoba Samostatně Výdělečně Činná - OSVČ (An independently earning person).

If you're new to the concept of Trade License see What is a Trade License?

a complete registration package including:

  • the Trade License itself
  • all Registrations at Tax Office, Social Security, Public Health Care (if eligible)
  • a Consultation before registration (see below)
  • Registration / Public Notary fees
  • optional: Virtual Office
  • optional: VAT registration
  • optional: help with visa / residence permit documents
  • optional: second Consultation about invoicing, foreign clients, VAT, Income Tax Return
You do not have to go to any government office - we do all the work for you, we can even register you remotely when you are not in Prague / Czech Republic.

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Consultation before you register a Trade License

One of the best ways to confidently start a Self-Employed business in Czech Republic is with a consultation so you fully understand

  • The difference between self-employed, sole contractor, sole proprietor and freelancer
  • The difference between a Trade License and an sro Company
  • Why a Trade License and not another business type
  • What you can and can't do with a Trade License
  • how much Income Tax / Social Security / Health Insurance you are going to pay,
  • Whether you need to register for Full VAT, VAT Light or not at all
  • Invoicing abroad in foreign currencies
  • what documents are required for registration of a trade license,
  • which different steps the registration process has,
  • how to apply for a Czech Business / Entrepreneur / Digital Nomad visa
  • how to apply for a Czech Republic Residence Permit
  • how to set up and use the Datova Schranka for Digital Correspondence
  • and most of all: what not to do!
Having received answers to these questions, you avoid mistakes, and save time, effort and energy for the development of your own business.

You can also just book a single consultation first before ordering the entire registration package here: Book a Consultation

You don't want to book an entire consultation? Only a few quick questions? I have a solution! Here: Quick Questions.

Our typical client

Our typical client is a consultant, programmer or IT specialist, most often working from Czech Republic for a foreign company (in the EU or USA) with Revenues between 50.000 and 200.000 Euros (Dollars). Also the last few years we have more and more digital nomads as client.

We've registered literally hundreds of Trade Licenses - and not only that: we'll teach you how to create invoices, how to pay monthly Social- and Health contributions, how to handle foreign payments, how to prepare for a Business Visa extension. It is not rocket science if you follow our advice.

Even former employees do not have to be afraid becoming an entrepreneur. We'll help you with everything. No worries.

Business Visa / Entrepreneur Visa / Digital Nomad Visa

Czech Republic only recently announced a special digital nomad visa, limited to only a few nationalities - however, the current business visa is not bad at all! (Many people overlook this possibility). It quite easy to get a business visa based on a zivnostensky list - Read HERE about the details of a business visa and Read HERE about the steps of the entire Trade License / Visa process

VAT Registration / VAT Light for Trade License

Confused about VAT? Do you need to register or not? HERE is an explantion about Full VAT and VAT Light. And HERE is a handy VAT Evaluation Form .

Our Advantage: We are Accounting / Tax Experts

Our core business since 2008 is Consultancy, Accounting, Taxes, VAT services. We are not just registration agents, but a team of experienced accountants and a business consultant.

I offer excellent Business Consultation for ordinary people. No lingo, no hogo-fogo. Just plain & simple answers - but effective, even when dealing with complexities such as DTAs, foreign income, LLCs or other foreign business profits.

I am an Expat myself, with over 17 years of Czech Republic. I've seen it all. I deserve a medal 😀

Legislation can be quite complex. But we will explain it to you, because if you understand it, you'll be a better entrepreneur and easier customer to work with.

We have model for Tax Planning / Tax optimization. It calculates exactly, even if your income is a mix of (Foreign) Employment, Self-Employment, Rental Income, Investments and Dividends. It even can handle 1 vs 2 Trade Licenses, Trade License vs SRO / LLC / Foreign Company.