Trade / Complex Questions? Book a Consultation!

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If you have 'complex' questions about starting a business or being self-employed in Czech Republic (you do not know if you want/need an sro or zivno), or you have other questions, such as Visa / Health insurance / Accounting / Foreign Income / Tax (Optimization) / VAT questions: book an EXPERT consultation and we'll answer all of your questions.


In case you can't come to our office, we can also have the consultation by email or Phone / Skype.


Costs for an EXPERT Consultation are 2000 CZK, but You will get a 2000 CZK discount if after this consultation you will decide to take a trade license registration package.

Payment & Re-scheduling Policy

The Costs for Consultation are 80 EUR / 2000 CZK per hour or email session. Unfortunately, due to an increasing number of last-minute cancellations / non-shows / 'not having cash on me' / 'I did not know I have to pay' we had to take the decision not to accept bookings any longer without prior payment.

Payment for consultations in our office and by Phone / Skype are handled by our online booking system and currently is only possible by Credit Card. If you wish to pay by PayPay (in CZK or EUR), please follow the alternative payment link.

If you need reschedule the meeting, please do this at least 4 hours before the meeting start, then it's free of charge. Within 4 hours of meeting start we charge 50%, in case of a no-show we charge 100% of the consultation fee.

In case you have issues with this online calendar, here is an alternative payment form.
It allows payment with Debit / Credit Card (in EUR) or Paypal (in CZK or EUR)